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NEXt-generation ultracompact spectrometers

Welcome to NEXUS

In the NEXUS project, world-leading Danish researchers, innovators, and companies will join forces with a leading Japanese nanotechnology supplier to develop a novel, compact, robust, chip-scale spectrometer.

Spectrometry is a key technology for modern society: from blood-sample analysis through quality control of food production to monitoring the integrity of bridges, essential measurements are provided by spectrometers. For many applications, however, current spectrometers, based on bulky gratings and mirrors, are too big and expensive.

In the NEXUS project, DTU will join together with four key industrial partners to develop the next generation of low-cost, sustainable, and ultracompact spectrometers. The technology is based on a novel spectrometer concept patented by the DTU team, and the project builds on nanotechnology, nanophotonics, spectrometer modules, and process probes. The aim is to bridge the gap from cutting-edge research to real-world applications.

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26 MAY 2024